Submitting your Data to the Radio JOVE Archive

The homepage for the archive is located at:

To Submit Data to the Archive:

First Time data submitters:

  1. If you do not have a username/password then please send a request to Leonard Garcia
  2. Look for your login information in your email
  3. "Create User Profile" - Before submitting any data you will need to create a user profile. This button will take you to a User Profile page, which will ask you for questions about your receiver, antenna, location, etc. This information is important for the interpretation of your submitted data and is appended to each data record. You will only have to submit this user information one time. The next time you submit data to the archive it will have this information on file and you can go directly to the data submission pages.

Returning Users:

  1. From the homepage select "Submit New Data to the Archive (Password Protected)".
  2. Submit your username and password at this time.
    You will see a screen like this:

    Welcome back Chuck Higgins


  3. "View/Edit User Profile" - This page allows you to see what profile is currently on record and allows you to change it if necessary.
  4. "Submit New Data to the Archive" - which will take you to pages asking for a short description of the data and then an upload page where you can upload images, text files, sound files, and Radio-SkyPipe files.
    1. Complete the data description as seen in the figure.
    2. Confirm Data Entry
    3. Select the data products to upload - browse your computer for the correct files: Image File (.png, .jpg, .gif, etc.), Radio-Skypipe data file (.spd), Spectrograph data file (.sps), Text file, Sound file
      CAUTION: It is preferred to upload all files at the same time if they are associated with the same data entry. Separate uploads will result in multiple lines in the data archive.

Thank you for submitting your data to the JOVE archive. We can use these data for long-term studies of the radio emission characteristics of the Sun and of Jupiter.

If you have any questions please send an email to:

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